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Maj. Gen. (R) Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali Khan TI (M) was a globally acclaimed cardiologist, known for his integrity and exceptional medical skills. He is the founder of the non-profit organization known as the Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT), founded in 1995. He has to his credit the establishment and smooth running of AFIC / NIHD, Islamic International Medical College Trust, Hearts International Hospital, and Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH).

“These institutions stand as a living tribute to his professionalism and administrative excellence. Major General Zulfiqar Ali Khan founded the Islamic International Medical College Trust in 1995. He aimed to produce graduates who should not only be good doctors, physiologists, psychologists, dentists, chemists, and good educationists but also very good Muslims, human beings, and good citizens. Against all odds, he skillfully rallied the most exceptional talents from the nation, assembling a team that passionately carried his vision forward, working with unparalleled dedication to bring his mission to fruition. “

From day one, his vision for trust transcended the mere establishment of educational institutions; his vision was to infuse Islamic values into a wide variety of fields. He often emphasized to his colleagues that the younger generation wouldn’t be swayed by mere words. Instead, they could be profoundly impacted, guided, inspired, and motivated by individuals of unwavering character and strength.



Mr. Hassan Muhammad Khan pursued dual majors in Industrial Engineering and Economics in Boston, USA, and later completed a Master’s in Business Administration. He has extensively explored the world, taking an interest in management innovations and educational models. Mr. Hassan Khan has played a central role in establishing, nurturing, and enhancing recognition for institutions affiliated with Riphah International University

Chancellor’s Message:

“Socio-economic development of our country is inextricably linked with its higher education system, particularly scientific research and innovation in technology. In view of the knowledge explosion, globalization, and rapidly changing scenario. Riphah International University has established high-quality institutions of higher education specializing in the Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Management, Information Technology, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. In the present era of global competition, Pakistan needs scientists, engineers, managers, software and information technology professionals, medical doctors, social scientists, and a highly competitive workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We are determined to inculcate morality, ethics, Islamic values, and national spirit in our students, in addition to a high degree of professional competitiveness. With a faculty of highly qualified professional teachers and dedicated students, Riphah International University is set to play its crucial role in the economic development of Pakistan”



Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad is a globally recognized social scientist and the respected founding Vice-Chancellor of Riphah International University. He carries a Ph.D. from Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA. Nationally and internationally, he has held numerous academic leadership positions. He has served as the former Vice President of the International Islamic University, Islamabad, and played a foundational role as the inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences at the International Islamic University, Malaysia.

He is the former President and secretary-general of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, USA, and a Fellow of The University of Sains Malaysia. He writes about modern-day problems in society, politics, and culture that affect the Muslim community. As well as other professional journals, he contributed articles to the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Muslims World, New York, the Encyclopedia of Islam, Istanbul, Turkey, and the Encyclopedia of Islamic Economy, London.

Welcome to Riphah, the seat of higher education, learning, and research. Your learning experience at Riphah shall, in-sha-Allah, help you not only improve your level of knowledge but also assist in developing leadership qualities, the culture of research, and awareness about your social responsibility. Our mission statement tells you in the shortest possible words about our dream to excel in education while building the ethical and moral caliber of our students. This is our view is the essence of education.

Education essentially means the inculcation of values to civilize and initiate comprehensive development, progress, and social change. Universities all over the world act as engines of change through the production of knowledge. In our case, our faith makes seeking knowledge an obligation on every Muslim male and female. Our Book on every page invites us to search, learn, ponder, investigate, conduct research, develop critical and analytical thinking, and come up with solutions for emerging problems. This great task calls for sincerity (ikhlas), conviction (iman), continuous effort (sabr), and persistence in our striving (istiqamah) with innovative strategies (ijtihad), and ongoing concentrated initiatives (jihad).

The university is committed to inculcating global Islamic ethical values of truthfulness, honesty, trusteeship, social responsibility, and courage. We want to produce leaders in knowledge with uprightness, strength of character, and humbleness. Riphah is a movement for intellectual leadership of the Muslim ummah with a focus on the integration of Islamic ethical values in scientific research and development.

Vice-Chancellor’s Message
CEO Sahiwal Campus

Muhammad Amin Ch.

MS IT from Sweden. Having diversified experience of around 20 years in the industry and education sector.

Message By CEO : 

“I am honored to address all of you as we embark on a shared journey of growth and achievement. At Riphah International University, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is clear: to provide a holistic education that empowers our students with knowledge, values, and skills to thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe in upholding principles of academic rigor, diversity, and ethical conduct. Our dedicated faculty members have pushed the boundaries of research and knowledge, and our students have excelled both academically and in their extracurricular pursuits. We’ve expanded our academic offerings to stay aligned with evolving industry needs. As we look ahead, our goals remain ambitious. We aim to continually enhance the quality of education and research, forge stronger partnerships with industry, and promote research and innovation to address global challenges. The unique identity and priorities of our institution drive our commitment to providing a world-class education that empowers individuals.”

Director Sahiwal Campus

Muhammad Zeeshan

Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Having corporate experience of around 15 years with local and international organizations including the education sector.

Message By Director : 

“At Riphah University, our unwavering commitment to academic excellence remains our guiding principle. Our mission is to empower you, our students, with knowledge and skills that will enable you to thrive in an ever-evolving world. I am proud to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of our faculty members. Their dedication to research, innovation, and scholarship continues to elevate the academic stature of our university.

Diligently working on academic developments. These include enhancements to our curriculum, innovative research projects, and innovative teaching methods that better align with the evolving needs of the job market. We aim to equip our students with not only academic knowledge but also the practical skills necessary for success. “