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BS Software Engineering


Welcome to Riphah International University Sahiwal Campus, where our commitment to delivering exceptional services to students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE) is at the heart of our mission. Our software engineering program is meticulously crafted to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of computing fundamentals, their mathematical underpinnings, and practical applications. We pride ourselves on going beyond traditional classroom instruction.

At Riphah University, we believe in an immersive educational experience that combines theoretical study with hands-on exercises and real-world projects. Our dedicated faculty, renowned for their expertise in software engineering, guide students through a dynamic curriculum that fosters problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities. As part of our commitment to software development education, we offer abundant opportunities for students to engage in software engineering projects and research, ensuring they graduate with the practical skills needed to thrive in the IT industry. Join Riphah University Sahiwal Campus to prepare students for lucrative software engineering careers and equip them with the skills they need to face the challenges of the digital age.


To embark on a journey toward a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering (BSSE) at Riphah International University Sahiwal Campus, aspiring students must meet specific eligibility criteria. We prioritize academic excellence and proficiency in mathematics, a fundamental component of software engineering. Eligibility requires candidates to have achieved a commendable academic record, with a minimum of 50% or above marks in the Intermediate (HSSC) examination or an equivalent qualification. However, for individuals with a Pre-Medical background (without Mathematics), who aspire to join the BS Software Engineering program, there is an additional opportunity. They can gain eligibility by completing deficiency courses in Mathematics, totaling 6 credit hours, within their first year of regular studies. This commitment to high academic standards reflects our dedication to providing quality IT education in Pakistan and nurturing students’ potential in the field of software engineering.

Admission criteria

Admission to the esteemed Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE) program at Riphah International University Sahiwal Campus is a competitive process that ensures the selection of dedicated and capable candidates. Our admission criteria reflect our commitment to academic excellence and the pursuit of quality in technology education. Candidates are evaluated based on a weighted assessment, where academic qualifications carry significant weight, contributing 60% of academic qualification. This emphasizes the importance of a strong academic foundation in gaining admission to our software engineering program. Additionally, the remaining 40% is dedicated to the result of test/interview, designed to assess candidates’ aptitude, passion, and potential in the field of software engineering.


8 Semesters (4 Years)

Class Timings

Monday – Friday


Upto 100% on tuition fee

Study Plan for BS

 18 weeks each Semesters