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BS English


Founded in 2015 within the esteemed Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (FSS&H) at Riphah International University, the Riphah Institute of Language & Literature (RILL) boasts a distinguished faculty comprising 8 PhD and 18 MPhil scholars. RILL takes pride in its array of BS offered programs, including a highly competitive skill-based undergraduate program in English. With a carefully crafted curriculum, students are prepared to deal with both the challenges of teaching and life in general. The BS program in English stands as a testament to its commitment to imparting a broad range of communication, interpersonal, academic, and research skills. Graduates emerge well-equipped to thrive in the fiercely competitive professional landscape and pursue advanced studies in their chosen fields, securing a promising future.


Eligibility for the BS Program in English Language and Literature at Riphah International University is designed to provide an inclusive educational opportunity. As an international university renowned for its academic excellence, Riphah values diversity and seeks to welcome students from various backgrounds. Prospective applicants will find that eligibility requirements for this program are accessible, with one key criterion being that students with 45% marks in their intermediate examinations are eligible to apply. This policy aligns with Riphah’s commitment to fostering a learning environment that encourages growth, inclusion, and the pursuit of academic excellence. As with other BS offered programs, Riphah’s English Language and Literature program opens doors to a world of knowledge and possibilities, shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for success in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Admission criteria

Admission criteria for the BS Program in English Language and Literature at Riphah International University underscore our commitment to academic excellence and diversity. As an esteemed international university, Riphah values a holistic approach to evaluating applicants. To be eligible for admission, applicants are required to meet specific academic qualifications, with a minimum of 60% of their previous academic achievements. Additionally, the admission process includes a comprehensive evaluation, where test scores or interviews contribute 40% to the overall assessment. These criteria align with Riphah’s mission to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for the dynamic global landscape. Just as with other BS offered programs, admission to our English Language and Literature program signifies an exciting journey toward knowledge, personal growth, and a vibrant academic community.


8 Semesters (4 Years)

Class Timings

Monday – Friday


Upto 100% on tuition fee

Study Plan for BS

 18 weeks each Semesters