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BS Accounting & Finance


Welcome to Riphah International University Sahiwal Campus, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive services to students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance (BS Accounting & Finance) program. Our commitment to your education is reflected in our program’s design, which offers a deep and thorough understanding of finance and accounting concepts and their practical application within organizations.

Throughout your academic journey with us, you will delve into the core theories, tools, and methods. We take pride in nurturing critical thinking and analytical skills, allowing you to reflect critically on the current debates in the accounting and financial spheres, whether in professional practice or academic literature. Our dedicated faculty, experts in the field of accounting and finance, guide you through the curriculum, ensuring that you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle complex financial issues. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance is a 4-year program specifically tailored for intermediate students who aspire to excel in the dynamic field of Banking & Finance. Join us at Riphah University Sahiwal Campus, where we not only provide education but also empower you with the services and support needed to thrive in the world of Accounting and Finance. Your journey to success begins here.


To be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance (BS Accounting & Finance) program at Riphah International University Sahiwal Campus, candidates are required to meet specific academic criteria. We seek individuals who have successfully completed their Intermediate or equivalent education from a recognized institution with a minimum of 45% marks. This eligibility criterion underscores our commitment to providing access to quality education in Accounting and Finance, setting the stage for students to explore diverse career prospects and opportunities in financial analysis, investment management, financial reporting, and more.

Admission criteria

Admission to the BS Accounting & Finance program at Riphah International University Sahiwal Campus is a selective process designed to identify candidates with the academic excellence and potential to excel in the field of Accounting and Finance. Our admission criteria place significant emphasis on both academic qualifications and personal aptitude for the program. Academic qualifications account for 30% of the evaluation, reflecting the importance of a strong educational foundation in Accounting and Finance. However, the remaining 70% of the assessment involves a comprehensive test or interview, which is designed to gauge candidates’ critical thinking, aptitude, and passion.


8 Semesters (4 Years)


Monday – Friday


Need & merit based

Study Plan for BS

 18 weeks each Semesters